Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 21, 2013

Where is Charm?~by rldubour



Where is Charm?

Come listen to a story

I thought you all should know.

About one of Santa’s reindeer

And this is how it goes.


As I sat and listened

He did confide in me

One of Santa’s helper

An elf called Rhapsody.


His main task was watch the reindeers

Each and every night

To prepare them for their journey

For that magical flight.


Just one of the most important jobs

This is what I’m told

For all the elf’s had their assignments

While living at the North Pole.


Before Christmas Eve he’d take them out

On their big test run

Around the world he flew with them

Each and every one.


That might explain the U.F.O’s

People see them in the sky

Maybe it is just Rhapsody

As he is flying by!


Santa did depend on him

To keep the reindeers fit

For without the reindeers

Children would get no gifts.


Then one night it happened

While making bed check in the barn

Rhapsody was taking head count

A missing reindeer they called Charm.


In a panic he ran to Santa

To tell him of this news

An emergency meeting taking place

So they all could think this through.


They knew that Charm was unhappy

Since Rudolph came along

Plus Charm was never mentioned

In that reindeer song.


Santa just could not believe

That Charm would just get up and leave

That a reindeer had concede

After everything he had achieved.


Santa sent out a mass alert

To look for Charm around the earth

To all his helpers in all lands

To look for Charm henceforth


Rhapsody took to the sky

Searching the land high and wide

In his mind he thought and thought

Where would a reindeer hide?


Santa’s phone rang off the hook

As all had searched each cranny and nook.

Santa had just one reply

For all to take another look!


The toy elf’s could not stop

Preparing for Christmas Eve

Yet they all were saddened

That Charm would even leave.


Rhapsody was on a quest

To find Charm he’d do his best.

To relieve that feeling in his chest

Felt if he could he would be blessed.

Santa received a clue

He called Rhapsody at once

Go check northern Canada

Charm might be there on a hunch.


He flew right over the land

And spotted a familiar glow

One of Santa’s harnesses

This Rhapsody did know.


He landed right in front of Charm

And found him safe and sound.

Everyone is worried

Why do you feel so down?


Just then Santa did appear

And gave Charm a big hug

Told him to get back home

On his neck a little tug.


This Christmas would be merry

As all did celebrate

Charm knew that he was loved

And did appreciate.


So this is how the story went

Of the reindeer we did not know

How important he was to Santa

From then on his face did glow!



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