Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 5, 2014

Old Ironsides

Poesy plus Polemics

Digifolio Image by Roy Christopherson At USS Constitution – “Old Ironsides”
3D Digifolio Image by Roy Christopherson

(with humble apology to Oliver Wendell Holmes for borrowing the title)

oldest warship afloat
the best of her class from a fledgling republic
a fast running frigate no waves would impede
independence enarming her forty-four guns
live oak in her scantlings and hullwork repulsed
iron balls of belligerence
cowing dread ships-of-the-line
Boston born with a billowing spirit that filled
her succession of flags since the thirteen stars
bound her course maidenly
bristling with musketed blue-hat marines
after Barbary pirates and French men-o-war
her colors triumphant on halyards
still singing on westerly winds of the liberty
carried across seven seas from her
Freedom Trail berth in America’s womb

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