Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 14, 2014

Enjoying God’s Presence~by Marie Falck



Enjoying God’s Presence

I savor God’s wonderful presence
Each and every morn
With His great blessings
Many inspirations are reborn
Favorite hymns and Sunday School songs
Often bubble up in my heart
As I enjoy God’s presence
Each morning at the start
I’m truly filled with gratitude
When I see the rays of sunshine
A delightful masterpiece of God’s artistry
So beautiful, loving and divine
Yes, I always savor God’s presence
He is my Lord, and soon coming King
He is so sweet and loving
And many blessings He does bring
I rejoice in His unconditional love
Joined with his mercy and grace
That comes down from Heaven Above
Lord, thank You for Your deep abiding peace
That’s flooding my soul
Bringing songs of Your healing power
That can truly cleanse, and make me whole
Thank You, Lord, for this new day dawning
Knowing You’ll be with me all the way
Leading and guiding till late in the evening
When I kneel in prayer, at the end of my day
Then sending to me angels, protecting
While I’m soundly sleeping
Until the dawning of a brand – new day


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