Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 28, 2014

…….EXISTENCE ….?~by Drsatinder Nanda




Flourished gardens
Green trees
Young flowers
Ripped fruits,
Of our thrilling passions,
All around, mystifying
Heart touching scenes
Youthfulness of spring
Passionately attracting,
Our sensuous nerves,
Suppressing our pains?
Ever in mysterious veins,
The fear of autumnal jolts
Ever haunts,hidden ghost,
Suddenly hammers,thunderbolt.
The yellow dried leaves
Of sensational, luxurious spring
Flowing in the dusty winds.
Overshadowing all dreams.
Existence ever in threats?
Distress, hiddenly screams?
Rosy gardens off scenes?
Rainbows vanished, winery sheens?
© Dr. Satinder Nanda”Aas”. 28-102014..


  1. Very interesting use of question marks that got me thinking about the reason for my existence! Wonderfully written– I especially loved the last 4 lines. 🙂

  2. From green leaves to yellow leaves,from passions to vanished rainbows words flowed so nicely.Oh,our dreams will always exist in our poems.

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