Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 8, 2014

Daily missive for Monday the 8th of December.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 8th of December.

The feeling never dies.
It hides a little,
Waiting in corners,
Sharing space
With childhood dreams,
The hope of vows made.
A newborn’s cry,
That first touch,
Of skin on skin,
Oh so soft and gentle.
Tiny fingers
Holding yours.
The rise and fall
Of breathing,
When you stand, just
Waiting, to be sure.
Your love, so pure.

It never leaves.
As nests grow cold
Listening grows keener,
Worry never lies.
Hearts break
On every corner.
And fears rise
With the sound
Of the bedside phone.
The coldest call,
The one you dread,
Breaking into a sleep,
That will never be the same,
And makes those dreams
You always feared
Come true.

What then?
As years go by
And emptiness,
Once filled with
Love and hope,
Is still a hole,
Too deep,
To be climbed out of.
And in the midst
Of endless night,
And broken sleep
You wonder if
Your heart
Will soon be stilled.
Or mend.
Will you ever live and breathe,
Or, will your life be cast away
And slowly drift on by,
Unto its very end?

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