Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 30, 2014

In a Distant Land~by Anisha Achankunju



In a Distant Land

As we innovate creating pathway of Life,
I walk in pride end all pain and strife.
Knowing no other can do it my way,
I am who I am that is all I shall say.

Breaking the Darkness covering Sun,
Showing the world its second to None.
With Sunrise that brightens just all,
Bringing all in the heat of life to fall.

Where the truth of Angels prove dust,
Showing the fact behind furnace crust.
That builds Planet Earth into that Land,
Making diamonds within shine in sand.

Rising all to see the beauty of Love,
Jewels of uniqueness of One Above.
Who pours the fire melting all in heat,
As they all see the crystals of defeat.

Bringing smoothness running soil,
As they fill the world with great oil.
Knowing the proof of Black Gold,
That turns all things new to Old.

With truth of combustion rising all,
Showing the beds echoing the fall.
As they show truth in Off-shore Shell,
Who records everything under spell.

Knowing beauty of uniqueness is One,
That stands up in creation second to none.
Bringing the prayer bowing heart and soul,
Into Music of Angels now true and whole.

With just One who knows the dream,
Bringing just all with tears to stream.
Making all now finally see truth at gate,
The Sun has two sides that twisted fate.

Leaving the truth open for all now to see,
This is my world of Uniqueness in decree.
As I walk through life holding you hand,
I am just who I am here in a Distant Land.

Ahead of time for all now in world to see,
This is the truth of Uniqueness meant to be.
Showing the world I am who I am in Life,
Truth of the Angel who came back from strife.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 29th December 2014

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