Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 6, 2015

Just because we are no longer lovers~by Raymond Chifundo Magangani



Just because we are no longer lovers

Am no longer an angel you used to embrace
But am like a devil descending from hell
With death
Back into the days you could look straight into my eyes
All you could see was a paradise
But now am similar to hell
The paradise fragrance is gone
I even stink and smell
That seduction look
Has now turn into
A horror book
That can give birth into a chronic nightmare
Am no longer that sweet dream
You once used to care

But remember I once made you laugh
When the going was getting tough
I have tasted the sweetness on your lips
I have held you close to me
I have held your hips
We exchanged promises
As I will be graduating into a Mr
you will be a Mrs
we only built castles in the air
That ended in pain and despair

But just because we are no longer lovers
Should we be at war?
rebuild each others hut of shame
Resurrect our untold past
Dig each others flaws
Then stand on mountain high
And shout to them all???

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