Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 6, 2015

MOONLIGHT KISS~by Indigo Poetess




Dissilient emotions
Anfractuous thoughts
No bauble of deception
A peplum of inadequacies
Purposely woven as of chambray
None transparent as toile
Dyed to a fault
Shall we dance pari passu
To the color blue ?
Let us auspicate our emotions
Such as the troubadour
Let us not bedraggle our sayings
For I am bemused by your words
To the core of my very esse
An additament you are so far
Of the highest quality rifacimento
An rifacimento of such bemusement
Accrete we shall
As we kiss under
The pale moonlight


  1. “Dyed to a fault” is my favorite line. 🙂

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