Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 10, 2015

Like ALL, I too am not perfect,~by Bipul Banerjee



Like ALL, I too am not perfect,

Like ALL, I too am not perfect,
Mustering all strength to remain abrest,

Half of myself remains hidden,
The darkness I hide,
My thoughts and feelings unacceptable,
The tears unseen I cried

Keeping a ever smiling face,
The rage and sorrow buried
It lingers in my soul
In my heart
Lies such an empty hole

I sit and cry,
Silently I shout
I go numb inside,
With an urge to let it out

I want to run away from this sorrow
But im just another cause of my pain

I appear as ‘dusk’to people,
The Sun sometimes has already set,
Dark and cold within,
How does the warmth surface?

Each day I fight a silent battle
I lose, surroundings WIN,
Not just chastity I do sin.

It is YOU to whom I cling as a glimmer of hope,
Within the darker side of me…

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