Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 22, 2015

MY BELOVED~by Aendgzel Roze




I look into the distant sky
Searching for you from afar
I know you are there-lonely
Awaiting of my arrival
Though we are thousands of miles apart
My love for you never changes
As days passes us by
My feelings for you grows deeper
I’ve love you even more each day
As our true emotions revealed through time
I’ve learned so much of your inner self
And as i discover your flaws, genuine personality
I have accepted and embrace it all
For our love is the most important thing
That love is greater than any of our mistakes
Our differences won’t be a hindrance at all
In fact, it made us stronger and truthfully committed
For nothing can change my true emotions towards you
I may not see you everyday with my naked eyes
But in my mind’s eyes i see you clearly
Wherever you go…whatever you do
I am here with you always
‘Cause you reside in the core my heart
Where my love is safe within
There were times i am quiet-seem to disappear
My beloved always remember
In the silence of my heart
Lies a connection between us
Like an unseen string holding us both
That cannot be loosen or be broken
I am strongly entangled deeply in your heart
Wish and hope our souls be attached
Forever… though in distance.

(c) Purple Roze

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