Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2015

……..I AM A BARD………~by Vinod Kumar Mishra



……..I AM A BARD………

I’m a bard blessed,destined to sing,
I sing sorrows that hoot Autumn,
I sing joys that shoot vital Spring,
Like the saint,Autumn to senses,
Spring to soul,a whole for parts,
Parts for a whole,sensual fences.

I sing inner sinners,outer saints,
The outer sinners,the inner saints,
The morn,the noon,and the sunset,
The nocturnal paint,the faint vision,
I sing flexible soul,vision of wisdom,
The seer’s chariot-the seeker of Light,
And rigid reasons,the interior designs.

I invoke God’s grace, man-made race,
I sing guts- huts that tear tough earth,
I sing the Blue Blood,the red in common,
Caught red-handed cold-cold blooded,
Pride’s humble victim,dim soul in lighter vein.

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