Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 21, 2015

MY CUP OF HEMLOCk ~by Prasant Misra




A cup of hemlock…
And floats there,
Her fledgling face
When I kiss,
Kiss her indulgent eyes,
Opens a door, and I
Come across…come across
Another universe-
Utilitarian that’s not utopia…
There the sun,
Swings against the tide,
And never rises…
But strings along, strings along
With every thing,that are unseen…
Unseen in this user-friendly universe..
There moon and stars
Nebulas and galaxies
Whisper…whisper sweet nothings
In each other’s ears,
Urge to touch them,
But don’t love hands…hands
That are misconstruing…
Yet popular, popular here
As formula-friendly…
Perhaps says…
Says the hinterland story
Of that startling reality,
This cup of hemlock, when in my hand,
And when, the otherness is irrefutable…
Irrefutable out-and-out…


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