Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 2, 2015





Dear Child

The world is beautiful and breathtaking
Filled with enormous view of God’s creation
You don’t need to worry
You’ve got your mom, don’t depart from her bosom
That’s where you will find pure love

Growing up is demanding and not easy
We have all tread the same path
It’s good if you have a dream, it will help you to grow
If you find yourself in the desert, you have but a pen
Cherish it with your heart, the world will find you

If you get bullied by peers, fight back
If you can’t doesn’t mean you are weak
Every man has some point been beaten in life
It’s good to want to have a relationship
Your heart broken when u need love the most

It’s okay, it will make you strong
Truth is life is confusing sometimes
But everything happens for a reason
Always make sure you go to church
God is with you when in need of direction

I was once a kid deprived of a lot of things
I grew up the hard way
It was fun; it gave me something to look back at
In life there is so many doctrine and religion
Follow your heart; listen to your conscience

Always obey those above you
In the future you will be wiser
Love your enemies, but dine with them from afar
The door to success though may not be abreast
When you look consciously, it’s left ajar

Look up to God with keen mind
You might make a lot of mistakes
Just don’t repeat them in the future
I am not saying life will be perfect
That’s why we are conscious of the things we do

You might not understand this words
Not by reading or meditating on it day and night
But put them close to your heart
Let them be your companion
Whenever you have sleepless night

I will always cherish the day God made you
And will never cease from loving you
These words are from my heart
I hope they find you in good time
I love you


All Rights Reserved (c) Akan E. Udofia 2015…/a-letter-to-my-unborn-chil…

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