Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 2, 2015

======== MY INSPIRATION ========~by Vivek Dubey



======== MY INSPIRATION ========

Whenever I am lost
In the world of
Dark negative emotions
I find myself
Very alone and nervous
Left in isolation
Even in the brightest light
My eyes struggle
To look & search the path for
Journey of my life
I am cold and calm
With no idea of
How to deal with this storm
Then suddenly I saw
A girl with one leg
Walking with stick in her hand
Confidently and very proudly
That inspires me for sure
And I salute her spirit
The very next moment
I saw a young boy
Looking towards sky
With his wide open eyes
Filled with hopes and dreams
Trying to decide
His future spot in the sky
He inspired me to regain
My lost moral grounds
Even the trees
Bending down in speedy winds
And standing straight & tall afterwards
Taught and inspired me
Not to run away from reality
To fight and win any fight
I am overwhelmed
To see and self realize
The positivity and source of
Inspiration & motivation
Scattered around me
My heart & mind
Are truly delighted and energized
Forgetting all the worries
Which were killing my inpiration
I can see myself
In a new frame of life
Where my inspirations are
Very much active and alive
I am ready to take on
Every good & odd things
That my life is going to offer
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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