Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 1, 2015

Bird Whisperer~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Bird Whisperer


Mariah with her coal curly hair
Kneeled down on the ground with care
Cool jeans and lovely gray sweater
Have them messy, for Daddy’s not fair

Waited for birds with soft dainty feathers
All around Mariah, birds as one, she gathers
The best among the best of daughters
A touch of sun, a smile that storm weathers

One landed on top, with secrets it shares
Others landed as near as any wing dares
All excited how life with Mariah fares
Awaiting for Mariah with beady stares

Ah! Mariah, the bird whisperer
Winged creatures’ secret bearer
Your tales make those birds wiser
Whisper me some, I’m a great listener

Some came in pairs, others as solo
All secrets of humans they wanted to know
Maybe tidbits of crackers you can throw
Or magic tricks to them you shall show

Will it be about teachers or friends in school,
Or of Daddy and brother, crazy yet cool?
Is it about the softness of blanket wool,
Or the new computer game with awesome tool?

Ah! Mariah, the bird whisperer
You are the magical message bearer
Your tales made those birds wiser
Whisper me some, I’m no gossip teller!

Photo of the beautiful Mariah from Miguel Salamanca. Birds were unavailable for permission this time of posting.

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