Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2016

Rose in a bottle~by Hela Tekali



Rose in a bottle

A sensitive soul is unable to fly
A world indifferent to her shrouded emotions
She cried to the extent to become insane
With no one around to assuage her pain

As a rose she was kept in a bottle
At least there was a safer place
For her pure feelings to mark their trace
Love was preserved in a fragile glass
As brittle as her soul safeguarded from the mass

Love as the essence of life
The Rose shielded from the murdering strife
There was no other place for her to survive
Only the realm of divine love for her sensitive nature to thrive.

Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry
Rose in a bottle


  1. There needs to be more assistance for the young sensitive to learn to cope in this world – very nice poem!

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