Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 26, 2016

My Wizard~by Karen King



My Wizard

Handsome and hovering, with wand in hand,
He came to me and invited me to another land.
Wild and wanton in the dark,
He arrived for me, with fiery sparks.

Outside my window, on his broom
“Come aboard”, he said, “There’s plenty of room”.
On I jumped, ready for the thrill.
Glasses of wine he had – how they didn’t spill…

Eating cake and chocolates galore,
I gazed at his rear view and wanted more …
Over the treetops, so way up high,
Our own world in the sky.

He really was an amazing sight,
To me, he really did delight.
He knew all worlds and didn’t need a map,
I moved over and sat on his lap.

He had a cauldron, inside it bubbled,
I could tell this man was trouble.
With magic spells and magic potions,
I decided to give this wizard my devotion.

“Lust for Life” Venetia Venus Copyright 2015

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