Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 1, 2016

Wind sweeping the earth~by Akshaya Kumar Das



Wind sweeping the earth

Wind sweeping the earth,
Suddenly from no where arrives the storm,
Rocked & rolled on the earth,
The fury of the storm silencing the hot summer,
Joining with the storm,
The whirl wind to hail stones,
Showering with the rain,
The greenery dancing to the music,
The music of wind piercing the nature’s dry ears,
The smell of dry soil,
Filling the nasal line to soul’s content,
Burnt with the sun rays,
Every one heaves a sigh of relief,
Almost in an hour of fury,
The storm showed it’s teeth to the hottest summer,
The barometer in fear,
Slipping down the mercury in gear,
Breathing back life,
Relief from the fiery hot rife,
Wind’s mood,
At times velocity joins,
The momentum spoils the pride of the weather,
Conditioning the weather,
The air conditioned atmosphere,
Let the wind sweep the earth’s floor,
Renewing the faith of life once more,
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 01/05/2016

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