Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 20, 2016

The Captain and the Actress~by Norman Wilson



The Captain and the Actress

I am walking all alone
Finding myself going nowhere
So please help me if you can
As I know a helping hand is there

I hear the sheep baa-ing in the meadow
Time in time again
As the farmers seed their fields
Praying for the next day to rain

All things appear to be perfect
As I walk the highway all alone
Just needing to hitch another couple of rides
To find my way back home

I see a clear river in gentle running
In crystal reflections glistening vibrantly
Much like the one back home
Where Jenny and I would share our dreams

She said she would be a famous actress
And I said I would be a captain of the seas
Then we would come together once again
To sit by the babbling river-stream

Jenny is a server at the pancake house
While I was a labourer on the docks
Before a beacon of light shone on my dreams
Saying, go home and turn back the clock

Together we will sit once more by the river shore
Bringing back a love, we shared once before
Even though the water might ripple on the river-stream
We shall renew our love, tendering to our new dreams

All rights reserved 07/14/16
Norman Francis

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