Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 31, 2016

Secret Garden ~by Sandra Regina Viana



Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Heart
Beyond the dream of dreams
There is a secret garden in every heart !
Full of wisdom and poetry.
Your enchantment has no limits
the more we contemplate
becomes grander .
Him every dream , every pure desire becomes real!
The feelings come shapes, sounds and colors …
The vibrations danced in wonderful chords …
When the night , the stars on rare beauty
light up the sky this garden .
And by the moon in love serene and deep lake ,
sparkles and reflects its magic in these waters of love .
The wind with its surrounding movements
travels with passion playing each part .
When day, serene and deep lake
becomes crystalline to receive
the golden touch of the sun .
The dew on the flowers shine
as pendants on the glare of the sun .
The freshness of the breeze , touches the bright pollen from flowers
that fall seeding of new beautiful flowers .
In the colorful wings of butterflies the subtle delicacy of God …
The waters of love run through the intimacy of land
feeding the deeper roots of trees
until their branches earliest …
Motion of tenderness …
In this garden , souls celebrate life
and Love in its most magnificent form .
Lovers delight in the essence of the look ;
the touch of your hand the whole garden flowers ,
lightness and splendor …
Then the flute is played by the hands of the supreme :
This fullness and charming,
the lovers dancing the song of communion .
Sweetness , beauty , purity , magic ,
merge their looks ,
and those who admire with the heart .
Splendor inside!
Lighting !
Wisdom is realized ,
Love the glow in ecstasy .
May we find our Secret Garden
and bring some of that magic ,
to our everyday lives !
If there is magic in the heart,
there is magic in life
There is magic in life
there is joy in living …
Triumphant is the heart that is not content with sadness .
Rising above the dark curtains of the mind .
Magnificent is the heart that has itself
a Secret Garden !
Where love is greater than all !
But in the book it is written of me

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