Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 26, 2016

Servitude..~by Akshaya Kumar Das




Servitude towards Royals,
Still exists in the subjects,
Royalty gone long ago,
But still royals live in their ego,

A custodian becomes the victim,
Public suspicion ,
Unpredictable position,
TRP savy barons,

When all join together,
The victim becomes the subject matter,
Unable to face the violent criticism,
End their lives to save their face before facism,

Four innocent lives prefer death,
Saving their pride & honour before the behemoth,
When a King dies,
Everyone cries,

When a common man dies,
No one cries,
No one comes to rescue,
Our apathy & silence play their silence in hue,

A material world has no choice,
Everyone joins the mad race,
To blacken the victims red face,
Death was a brutal option by choice,

Sympathies are valueless,
After death the matter becomes clue less,
The aftermath is an eye wash,
When death takes life leaves no choice,

May their soul’s rest in peace,
The society observes silence,
Critics have left the place,
The Lost threads catching up pace,

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