Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 24, 2016

My sweet thoughts~by Dr.Kalpana Mallick



My sweet thoughts

My sweet thoughts
Don’t get puzzled
To cross the prolonged life path
heterogeneous surface
ill matched characters
Very gruelling and calamitous

When on the ice
The feet get frozen
And feels hard
When on the stone

When on the hot asphalt
The feet get scalded
When on the grass
The feet feel softness

When on the sand
The feet feel grainy
When steps on the thorn
The sole is pricked
And the feet feel pain

My sweet loving thoughts
It’s not possible to put the
Whole earth
With green grass
Cover the feet with
Beautiful leathers
To cross the life path
By facing the challenges
till existence….

Copy right @Kalpana

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