Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 14, 2017

Live life King sizeĀ šŸ¶Ā ~by Nutan Sarawagi

Inspired by my favourite poetĀ Ron DuBour
Dedicated to my friendĀ AnjaliĀ Kullus little pug ‘King ‘Ā šŸ¶



Live life King sizeĀ šŸ¶

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He’s so cute and forthright
In his love we all thrive
Racing as he goes with all his might
In his love we all sprite
he’s our little puppy
the one who smiles
in his laugh we all laugh
in his walk we all gawk
as he runs up and down at night
knocking on our doors
asking if we are all right
I want to sleep with you
he cries
Showing us his love
Never hiding his emotions
Never measuring his stride
undaunted by time
unlearning of life
As he climbs up
the steps of life
never faltering
never halting
his love never dies
for a moment
he doesn’t leave us

Without us he’s a mess
so overflowing in his love
almost distressed
till we don’t acknowledge him
hugging us with his life
wagging his tail
never far
always behind
tripping on our toes
our slippers to bite
only he knows the pleasure he gets
What fun he derives
smelling our socks
running away with our ties
hanging it as his own
he feels us alright

amazed at his love
from the small things of life
we wonder
where we have gone wrong
For in his happiness we learn
to see the happiness of life
which we missed until he arrived
hope he never goes
In this thought mist my eyes
for in his hope we live every day
to see a new life
waking up to his bark a new day to tide
for he loves life
without him life just doesn’t seem right
Without him we cannot live
The sun shines in his eyes
Setting to his love
The half moon cries
As the full moon comes out
to complete our lives
He’s that other half
In which
never dies
Copyright Nutan Sarawagi 2017

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