Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 4, 2017

The Days of my youth~by Fred Tunks



The Days of my youth

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The days of my youth were so wonderful to me
I came from what most would consider a poor family
Although to the contrary I didn’t feel poor
The days of my youth were filled with riches galore
Surrounded with acre upon acre of open ground
I lived in an old School house from a forgotten town
Shenandoah was the old towns name
Just like the song as children sang
And there was always something for a boy like myself to do
I would learn many things before going to school
Things about nature and the wildlife around
There were rabbits and squirrels and lizards in the rocks
Our neighbors the Naffs had geese and peacocks
I hung out with my brother and his buddy ol Dewey
My brother could see him but he was invisible to me
In the summer we went swimming and built forts in the hay
Fourth of July meant fishing with uncle Ray
My grandfather Guy was a terrific teacher
He could make cider and whistles from willows
Sweet dandelion wine and goosedown pillows
They say grandfather Guy sure liked his beer
Maybe that helped him make friends with the deer
Yes I even recall when I lost my first tooth
So precious were these
The days of my youth!

Written by
Fred Tunks
All rights reserved

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