Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 30, 2017

“MY VISION,MY MISSION FOR THE 2018” ~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole




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Dreams are gleaming my inspired vision
Twenty seventeen hurt me with affliction
Twenty eighteen is beaming my mission
Showering a blissful life with lofty citation

With this year I should wipe my painful tear
Only profoundly fruitful things i should hear
Breaking all the chains of Lofty oppression
Adding an edification in my vision , mission

This year will lift my aptitude with aplomb
Quelling things fro 2017 with rightful bomb
Putting my vision&mission in gorgeous glory
Inspiring all folks through my frabjous story

My vision & mission will bless this year
With profoundly longest river of joyful tear
Lifting my virgin aptitude to heavenly grace
Shining whole the world with pristine peace

My vision & mission will increase my mirth
In this year,2018 will never evince any dearth
But building my soulful life with an apt hearth
Caring,protecting&loving with heavenly wealth


Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

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