Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 8, 2018

“Mother is Listening”~by Michael Graves



“Mother is Listening”

Image may contain: sky, bird, cloud and outdoor

Stop yourself from speaking
from writing, painting or the expression
of ideas that represent the truth
because it might offend someone
and you stop yourself
because of fear.

Don’t call it something else.
Don’t try and pretend that it’s right.
Or nice.
Because it’s not.

Fear is anathema.
It perverts the vision
and mutes the mind.
It wraps the artistic voice in cotton batting.
Ask Picasso about Guernica.
Ask Dylan about Hattie Carroll.
Ask Goya about the Revolución.
Ask them their opinion of the “politically correct.”
Ask Mandella about the politics of South Africa or
Ghandi about the benefits of colonialism to the indigenous.
Ask Socrates about the taste of hemlock.

Mute your voice because the truth
sounds offensive to some, and you break
the wings of the soaring bird.
And in that moment
you begin the dance of the death of the soul.

The surveillance culture is rife with
the iconic presence of “Big Brother.”
The politically correct, fear
the disapproval of “Mother.”

Honesty is born of equity.
Decency is born of courage.

Big Brother is watching.
Mother is listening.
Piss on ’em!

–Graves 2/8/18

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