Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 9, 2018

 ” BURNING WOOD WE MOVE” ~by Martin Gedge



 ” BURNING WOOD WE MOVE” by martin gedge

Image may contain: sky, tree, night, plant, twilight, outdoor and nature

stand amongst the temper wood
as walls come tumbling down
wake the dead and neighborhood
that dig from underground
watch the fields come rolling in
and feed the frenzy fire
taste the brains down to the chin
and pluck out every wire
drain the veins of rushing blood
that simmers on the lips
get ready for the sounding flood
and skin the fingertips
breed the air the sky in glow
in hordes they multiply
from the ditches row by row
with every evil eye
an army on the verge of war
to towns of bleeding deep
we wear of every battle sore
that raise upon their feet
so rest not wicked we are one
on edge of lava trees
beware the red and burning sun
they’ll have you on your knees
we will not rest until we’re done
for every bloody groove
to see the forest for the trees
in burning wood we move….

by martin gedge

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