Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2018

Little Things~by rldubour



Little Things

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Just before we fall asleep we ask the Lord and pray.
To bring peace on earth for all mankind and thank Him for our day.
We pray for those we love and those who have gone after.
We pray for joy and kindness and for the sounds of laughter.
We pray to ask forgiveness and learn to not ask why.
We thank the Lord for every day as it passes by.
We thank the Lord for little things that come to mean so much.
Like the hugging and the kissing and that loving touch.
Just knowing that we are loved through the end of time.
With candlelight and flowers and a glass of wine.
No matter what the problem is we will always weather.
To just enjoy the little things like just being close together.
This is what I ask in prayer just before I fall asleep.
These little things I hold most dear and those are what I seek.

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