Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2018




” MASSACHUSETTS MALICE” by martin gedge

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Let me take you to a place
where people seldom go
a haunted house back in the woods
where vacancies are no
the dead are lining up the sheets
and rotten to the core
where psychos are the butler boys
to knock on every door
a painted canvas in a frame
with shifty eyes afoot
and shadows to accommodate
to spell your evil book
the window panes are all with stains
the cupboards mind their own
tables move into the groove
with ringers off their phone
the lights a buzz with flies galore
to exorcise your room
a Ouija board will show you more
your name upon the tomb
no monster mask would take the task
to scare you all to bits
for one to stand this master plan
a house with all its wits
no smoke and chains to test the brains
no tongue and cheek you say
when night goes dark prepare your heart
when demons come to play
it’s paranormal at its best
to decorate your walls
and if you fear to gather here
you better bring your balls…

by martin gedge

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