Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2018

“There Is A Place Where Lions Roar”~by Michael Burke

Today the last male “Northern White Rhino” Died
Two Different stories but only one happy ending. Which will it be?
To my children, the story of their Forefather’s home

“There Is A Place Where Lions Roar”

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There is a place where lions roar
the vultures soar
Mighty elephants so large and tall
Rhinoceros that rule as lords
Fever trees and dusty planes
until the green of seasons rains
They roam the jungles
mountains and savanna planes
all the way to sea to shore
Africa so beautiful
and so raw
Michael Burke “Expedition Nentikobe”
Now Please Read on :-
To my children. Another time another place. This is the story of Africa, your forefathers home
“There Was A Place Where Lions Roared”
“There was a time when lions roared
a place where vultures soared
mighty elephants
so large so broad
majestic rhinoceros ruled like lords
Fever trees and dusty plains
until the green of season rains
They roamed the Jungles
mountains and savanna planes
all the way to sea and shore
so beautiful
so raw
We loved to see them run
to see them play
never dreamed
they would not see
the light of another day
One by one they disappeared
cities growing lands cleared
no where to flee
no where to run
it would be their setting sun
Their lands were pillaged by a foreign curse
just for greed
to fill a purse
Bullets snares and spears
we have watched
hoped not
for so many years
I know it sounds insane
all the talk and effort
appeared in vane
Now my children
I feel your pain
I see your tears
please children do not cry
so sorry
another species says good bye
“Please father
turn back time
bring back humanity stop this crime
We must make things straight
Is it really too late” ?
Michael Burke “Expedition Nentikobe”


  1. Lovely Ron. I couldn’t get through the first phrase I started crying. It is a sad day.

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