Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2018

” OH MY “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” OH MY ” by martin gedge

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my self
Well polished to age like wine
the genuine article
of fragile smiles and open sleeves

my world
in the eyes of my travels
seen me come and go
over the years of my youth
into the balance of life

my body
these wrinkles are the rings of my trees
branches to change the colors of my
roots as we dig in for the winds of change
and the stormy skies
darkness will not settle soon for as long
as my hope and will survives
I will have light

my knowledge
I have learned of the written book
to wise my head and pass
to those who follow to lead
and inhale a fresh new breath

my heart
these hands to comfort through tears
of my falls and the love that holds
the bonds of my fellow friend
to walk down the pearly paths
to turn and look no more

my soul
gone but you will remember
for I am as part of you
as you will see
and when clocks move to start your time
I will be there
to walk
in step….

by martin gedge

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