Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 3, 2019

” SOUL ENERGY”~by ‎Martin Gedge‎



POEM ” SOUL ENERGY” martin gedge

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Out of the dark and in through the night
sharp as a diamond that burns like a light
hot with desire for she’s dynamite
like adrenaline raring to go
runs as a thief with a dangerous scheme
with beauty and passion that is ripped from a dream
cut to the wire and as pretty as cream
she’s a fire that is out of control
a trip of the switch and a bat of the lash
with dollars and sense and a fist full of cash
the maker of the rules so I hope you can last
she’s a beast on the feast of her prey
any roll of the dice with a curious type
with a whole lotta lovin’ when she’s ready and ripe
she cums with the show with all of the hype
and your life is the price you must pay
never taken for granted she’s out on the run
wild in the streets like a son of a gun
living it up and as bad as they come
in the heat and the steam of the strip
the talk of the town with a trick of the trade
dressed up and down in this psycho charade
she knows what she’s doing it’s the plans that she made
so you better hold on with your grip
cause the girl don’t play games with her life on the line
are you in for the hurt or just hot for some prime
so you better get ready for a hell of time
cause your holding the end of the fuse
so buckle up tight for the thrill of the ride
and open her heart that is locked up inside
just to finger her trigger that most of us tried
if your in it to win it you lose
cause the fate of the hand is a daring surprise
one for the gold and two for the prize
make blue of your skin and darken your eyes
as she moves right in for the kill
when you play with a Bitch your bound to get burned
the lessens are hard as to witch tables turned
you don’t get respect until it is earned
and she leaves you to swallow the pill…..

by martin gedge ©

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