Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 22, 2019

My wings want to fly ~by Lopamudra Mishra


My wings want to fly

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My wings want to fly
The wings of mine
Desires to escape
From the concrete
Walls of WHY? 
The green foliage
The alluring blue
Simmering yellow
Crimson morn
Dew drenched lawn
The soft carpet grass
The supple voice of cuckoo
When I breathe in memory
I want to relinquish my castle
To fly high and high
Where eyes can’t reach
where no camera lens can click
beyond the landmass
a land of hope and love
a territory of beautiful swinging flowers
a periphery of pure air
not stench of hatred or blast
no tears ,no blood bathe
only the grains of velvety
Pearl of unadulterated atmosphere
At this juncture,
faith and trust will lock the door
Share and care will reopen the deadbolt
Pleasant supposed to be the floor
A perfect destination for all innocent throb.
Lopamudra Mishra.…

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