Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 11, 2019

Up tight~by rldubour



Up tight

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I listen to what people say
seems every one’s up tight.
With expressions and opinions
and thinking they are right.

I am just as much to blame
don’t always get things straight.
An innocent mistake is made
will make me so irate.

We all are very different people
Yet most times we think the same.
When it comes to something wrong
few will take the blame.

You find this in all walks of life
a narrow minded view.
They are the type that’s always right
as they respond on cue.

This type of thought is dangerous
they truly do believe
They know every thing there is
never once misconceived.

I wonder how they got this way
with their head up in a cloud
I must be careful what I say
especially out loud.


Most people here are really good
and excel in their own way.
This brings me now to my point
and why I have to say.


Just recently within this site
comments made were just not right.
I tried; I did, with all my might.
I find the time is now to fight.


You should know by now, I have no
problem saying what’s on my mind.
To correct what’s wrong is what I do
was what I did time after time.

I think some changes should be made
in how we do review.
I think that the majority
does think the same way too!

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