Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 13, 2019




POEM “THE UNDERLYING SKIN” by martin gedge

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Here that lies behind the eyes and shifting into view
runs the spit and hostile pit that sits the devils’ pew
to trigger sense of every chance to lead you into chase
for thrill and pain as life shall drain its fangs to get a taste
to lock and hold around the fold and press of all it’s length
this mortal coil to often foil its’ girth and sturdy strength
to suffocate as eyes rotate and air to suck you dry
and leave the limp and aimless chimp to whither in the pry
for dare not rest to put to test or challenge of your foe
the snake will shake and claim it’s stake around the reckless soul
and like a breed on flesh to feed the body will cocoon
to decompose with belly blows to swallow and consume
a slither rope to slip and slope to gather from within
and thus proceed the dying need to shed of all it’s skin
to leave the hunt a wooden stump and dump the broken bone
with pitted stare as black as bear to turn your blood to stone….

by martin gedge ©

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