Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 26, 2019

“FREEDOM IS TO FLY”~by Martin Gedge



POEM “FREEDOM IS TO FLY” by martin gedge


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A king to wear a frown on a throne to which we hold
a runner in the rain burns a heart as pure as gold
to rise upon the heavens where the freedom is to fly
and earn the wings of angels and to take onto the sky
the darkness shall deliver in the bands of golden light
in fields among the plenty like the stars to blush the night
no tears will fall on shadows with the wind beneath your feet
to grace the light of Jesus and embrace the hands you meet
for skin as paper thin you will shed the pain you know
to walk among the meadows in the everlasting glow
and love will be your suitor of a soul of wealth and worth
a life that spans a sailor on his sails of mother earth
the journey once was taken is now threaded in the mend
with warmth on the horizon with it’s beauty on each end
to where you find your peace in the valley of the dome
to open up the pearly gates and welcome you back home…

by martin gedge©


  1. Pleasant start to the morning

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