Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 31, 2019

“LOST IN AMERICA”~by Martin Gedge



POEM “LOST IN AMERICA” by martin gedge

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Silhouettes of shadows punching pockets full of holes

the weather wearing feet are beating sores into their soles

the angels of city are crying fowl in the night

there is hunger in those bellies and their skin is cold and tight

the suits to fit a fat man sitting high upon his hill

they call him greedy grab hands as he overflows his fill

a race to kill the rat man as he sucking back his booze

another drowns his sorrows in his pair of concrete shoes

in between the alleys as the mothers earn their keep

the deadbeat dads in dirty rags half comatose in sleep

the children left to fend themselves no matter what the cost

you see the fear of every tear when common sense is lost

the daily drug just like a bug on menus everyday

another school to pass a fool is falling to the fray

a bullet in the system is just another blaring shot

the only peace were given has turned everyone to pot

the innocence now faded in the feelings I have felt

the broken and believing as this heart begins to melt

as they suffer just to satisfy the meanings to an end

what kind of parents are we in the messages we send….

by martin gedge©

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