Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 22, 2014

LIFE~by Tiya Rai




Life is full of Hurdles and Troubles…

It Teaches us to Rise up even if we stumble.

Life is not just about Transition of Personality,

but it has ability to mould us towards Eternity.

Life does not goes as per our Rules,

instead it Overrules and teaches us Lessons.

Life shows us What is Failure? and What is Success?

It brings along with it lot of Struggles and Stress too.

But it is the Magic of this Life,

which teaches us Never to Give Up.

For Some Life Means Strength,Confidence,Fame or Name.

For some its Wealth,Pain,unpredictable Game.

Its upto our Perspective and Positive Thinking

that what way exactly want this Life to be.

For Me Life is God”s given Sweetest Gift with which we humans are Blessed.

Life is one of the most Impressive Test,from which we Learn to be the Best…..

Copyrighted and WRITTEN BY:Sanchita Ghosh

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