Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 10, 2014

My Beloved Let Me Say….!!!~by Arshad Shahid



My Beloved Let Me Say….!!!

My sweet beloved let me say
You are my life’s night and day
My soul glows with your love ray
In my heart you will for ever stay

Your love perfumes my dull dream
Your superb love bless me esteem
Your love gives me soothing beam
You are my life’s subject and theme

My dawn emerges with your true love
My day radiates with your love shove
My life’s sun shines by your love rove
Your love lightens my dark night’s cove

Your love beats in my heart tenderly
It makes fragrant my breath sweetly
It runs in my body with blood warmly
It gives me power to love you excitedly

Your love gives me new vision brightly
It changes my thinking very delightedly
It bestows upon me merriments decently
It gives me mysterious soothe eminently

I accept firmly & declare very instantly
I need your love forever and constantly
I am barren without your love fervently
You live in my soul and heart inherently

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