Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 26, 2015

Within your eyes………………~by Rajendra Padhi



Within your eyes………………

We are not the one who met years ago in cool shade
Penitent remorse in anxious silence burns like the lamps
Heart scorned by routine works suffocate the city streets
Glances of love just like crutch for trembling feet,
Neither I am the same man nor are you the woman I loved
Perfecting our each hour for rewards of our labor.

You endure to do a fashion designing course by French teachers
Preparing half-nude dresses but fear when your daughters wear
Searching a heart like mine in the clubs you visited
Trying to reconcile with new culture without veil on your face
Revealing half your body counting eyes that look at you
It took me a week to touch your finger and a year for a kiss.

You are not the same woman now playing cards with men
Reconciling dispute many times with your mother-in-law
A villain you find in her of the new culture here
A village folk hiding her face in sharees loyal for years
The cow waiting for her to give milk fresh for children
Those foolish villagers regard her though uneducated.

You are no shyer as people are quick in action
Children learn love playing tennis and basket ball in leisure
It has been so many years we were but rustic lovers
Now monkeys, snakes and elephants have left jungle
Food is plenty; love is everywhere, no power-cut here
But it has been a wrong place for me searching human love
That grows like a tree in your garden till it dies.

Composed and copyright by Rajendra K. Padhi

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