Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 2, 2015

In the parched tears~by Nutan Sarawagi

This poem was inspired by Asher AD


In the parched tears

In the world without rain
the sun prospered in it’s own fame
It shone again
never to be the same !

hurling heat as people lay starving
waiting for the plants to grow again
parched in heat as they were dying
waiting for someone to water them again !

but the rain showed no remorse
as it lay dry in the streams
waiting to fill it again
in the land to water it again
in the tears of the eyes of people
to see it in them descending again !

all hopes had died
as people dried their eyes
even tears had lost their hope
no more wiping them again
falling in their eyes
they no longer fall
as if drying in themself again !

suddenly the night descended
in it the moon ascended
the stars climbed even higher
as the sky darkened in anger
bringing with it a storm
as heaven raged in it’s anger
lightening thundered
and the rain stormed !
falling down
as if to never stop
people’s love knew no end
as if to never stop !

as they looked upwards at heaven
in their eyes tears falling
they couldn’t end
even if they wanted to stop!

it came down in cascades
in it’s love never to stop
people cleared the streets
waiting for it to never stop !
forever drop !

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