Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 12, 2016

The dream once shone~by Caroline Hartley


Day 70 12.02.16
This is my first attempt at a ballad, again please be kind wink emoticon

The dream once shone


The dream once shone we sang its song
loving modernity
passionate for opening doors
heart full of certainty.
Leaving our land we made a stand
strived for education
factories called so we played ball
full of admiration.
Over the years cheers became fears
greed spread an ugly seed.
Corruption grew butterflies brewed
our want outgrew our need.
Yes faithfully we aimlessly
continued with this dream
forced out our thoughts remained on course
suppressed our inner scream.
As landfill grew out of the blue
we realised our sin
procrastinate until too late
just scratched upon our chin.
Plastic oceans inspired motion
but only for a while
because the shops began to stock
goodies that would beguile.
The problem is its lost its fizz
this feeling you desire
you realize this was a guise
to sway life’s inner fire.
Nostalgia grows the rat race slows
you find an inner peace
look to your past regress at last
strip off your woven fleece.
For now at last the looking glass
you hold up to your face
reflects whats right a guiding light
hope for the human race.

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