Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2016

“Apprentice to innocence”~by Payal

(An amok sentience, goal is to contemplate the action)



“Apprentice to innocence”

Attempts to move somewhere else,
recapture the spontaneity of childhood,
to be not aware of symbolic language of life,
impossible details of observed laws,
eat when hungry, sleep when tired,
education that liberates one but not of culture.

Infinite world of colors and sounds,
where I really begin to see and hear,
books imbued with smells of cigar,
hatched metaphors left for silent urgencies,
voices of tongues received like a mirror,
refused none and grasped none.

Premise of an evening released
in pure and sacred isolation,
as idle as counting my own breaths
to avoid thinking, systematic vibrations
and imagined cadences of one’s diaphragm,
recollected lessons learnt while witnessing
several funerals,
death was a horrible thing and reincarnation,
possibly a juxtaposed hoax of remotely birth.

Drift like a cloud and flow like water,
little slivers of a day seen in light,
conscious, perhaps the only lifelong friend,
what might be the worth of a life so safe
submitted with dignity to the yellow afternoons,
where imaginations are more powerful than reality.



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