Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 2, 2016

Daily missive for Wednesday the 2nd of March.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 2nd of March.

It has been a pleasure to walk this way.
The road though at times uneven
And difficult to follow
Was never to be lost,
But in wending,
The chance of divergence and dalliance
Was an ever present
Signifier of danger hidden by disguise
From the sleepy eyed.
With thankful restoration
The deeply defined footprints
Of doubtless travellers
Much more certain
Of their direction,
Definitely sure footed
And evenly matched,
Helped us find a way
And brought a kind of magic
To the unravelling
Of our joint enterprise.
Every turn bringing
A different perspective
A glimmer of something new
And wonderful.
As understanding grew
In consort with the
Flowering of hedgerows
The changing of seasons,
When trees more ancient
And twice times wise
Threw off summer coats
Braving the ebb and flow of
Changing winds
With pride stripped bare,
Their sense of purpose easily seen,
A direction
More clearly marked than not.
With you as my companion
Time has been so well spent
Learning as we grew closer
To the land,
Ways of the world
That reaching journey’s end
Will be nothing but a marker,
A point where we will find
The winding of our ways
Will bring us back
In time again,
To the meaning of our days.

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