Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2016

IN ADAM’S ABSENCE~by Jagjit Singh Jandu




If there was
No Adam on Earth
No Jesus could take birth
No Mohamad or Ibrahim
Neither Rama nor Raheem
Nor Guru Nanak not Guru Gobind
Only darkness with no light around
No Ocean existed, no tide to bound
No forest had flourished
No river flowed for humans
Even no rain might been there
Only The Eve was to dance alone
Bearing pains of separation
And no seeds of love to be sown
Neither peace nor any war
Light hugging darkness
Love and hatred could be at par
No Mahabharat nor any world war
No continent, no boundaries of nation
No civilization, no comfort, no education
No art, no words for beautiful creations
What could have been doing
The dancing lonely Eve
When there would have been
No breathing species were alive
The same would have been there
If only Adam lived & Eve to spare

Why could not resolve
The problems humanity is facing
Only co-existence is able to solve
No superior and no one mean
Humans have to be wise
All dirt in conduct to clean!
BY Jagjit Singh Jandu(Jit)
@ May 8, 2015
All Rights Reserved

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