Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2016

“God can not be everywhere and so did their mothers.” (Jewish Dictation)~by Sandra Regina Viana



“God can not be everywhere and so did their mothers.”
(Jewish Dictation)

Omnipresence of the Divine Mother
What wise solution Divine found.
How could take care of each child his.
Even if they do not realize this care?
He provided mothers with all your love.
Taking care of each of their children with the same zeal and love.
Since its conception,
In the womb of these mothers.
All love sense and rooted.
For each child in the heart generated.
They are born under its protection.
Those who fertilize their children in their minds.
The desire of children who can not generate.
I love these mothers as further proof;
Where all the care and love of God can be found.
Women, reflecting the purest love.
I love without conditions.
Who loves different children.
With even sublime and eternal feeling.
For life for every moment.
Love those “mothers goddesses”
That allow the Creator relax.
Who knows, He can take care of,
another obligation.
Always know what on earth.
He has a mother with her care and protection.


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