Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 10, 2016

Make no mistake, there is. .❤~by Sandra Regina Viana



Make no mistake, there is. .

We will leave to suffer for what is really tragic, and not for what is just a nuisance, but is impractical to go through the day.
There is no way to avoid situations that bother us or cause us a certain level of distress.
Will always be part of our maturing process of learning, a growing proportion evolution, we experience all possible situations in life.
What will not be possible in all these possibilities of lived situations, it is to stop suffering, or cry for everything that bothers us, for everything they do us.
If that happens, the end of our lives, end up as weak and childish.
A child is permissible to cry and complain for all the distresses that bothers you.
According to its maturation, growth, she will find that will have to learn to handle situations that might bother you.
Just to be strong!
See an adult cry tragically before the minor adversities, experiences in your life is just pathetic!
There is to be permissible such behavior, for those who want to mature and have what you want in life.
Perceiving a seriousness of a situation, or have a greater awareness of their insignificance in our lives, help us è realize if we really really real reason to cry.
When we begin to “save” our tears for real reasons for crying, we will be adults in every way.
You may finally realize that in life always have reasons that bother us, afflict us.
But we can not stop living, stop to understand these situations, simply to give ourselves to cry constantly.
Crying without a real need will always be wasted life.
Not worth never lose to live our life, just to give ourselves to cry forever.
To our life will become more unbearable day to live and go through every day, all the situations that we will be required and face.
Never worth the penalty, surrender to suffering, for all reasons!
Listen to the goodness inside you …
Cate purity caquinhos, humility crumbs, the dregs child is left somewhere inside you and listen …
Listen to the divine voice speaking through the well that insists you live …
It is the light that you speak …
Guides you, sets you free, you console and healing …
Listen, no anxiety, no fear …
Trust, I’m not cheating …
Many preach theories, support ideas, sell lies flavored truths …
And there are always those who buy …
And consume avidly, thirsting for a course …
Neglecting the simple, denying the obvious.
Listen to the kindness that still resists in you …
Note where it points …
And pursuing this target, firm without blame my angel …
Because if there is some peace, some sky, some relief …
Make no mistake, there is. .

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