Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 25, 2016

First Love~by Norman Wilson



First Love

Nar not a tear be bought or sold for love
From eyes stabilized in ageless cries
For a love in deep blue, that is alit in mystery
In dashing hope from love’s first lullaby

Sting is but a sweet sting piercing hearts
While songbirds sing in chorus unseen
Where stoic eyes undress the mate, they seek
As their minds take a lasting naked peak

There is no bias of eyes meant to dream
In coloured rainbows rising up on ladders starred
To mount upon Everest where eagles reach
Who dares to love, who dares to the eagles screach

In first care, they discover dreams to visit in night
In rarest love bearing a passionate kiss
To simmer in summer bliss probing boundaries in delight
Just for a moment calling out never to resist

In first love where treasures easily abound
To the lion and lioness sounds that roar for more
For there shall never be another day of delights
Splicing bodies hosting together as never before

All rights reserved 07/18/16
Norman Francis

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