Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 7, 2016

My Teacher My Idol~by Aarti Mittal

My poem that got me the honour of second place in the contest in My World. I thank Author Nitasu Laup , Abhilash Reddy, The jury members and the group My World that has become My World.
It gives me immense pleasure to share it



My Teacher My Idol

Not only this teacher’s day
I make every day a teacher’s day
There are several teachers in my life
Even today when I am granny and a wife

My very first teacher my mother
Who taught me to believe in my self and not others
Her dicipline and haarashness
Made me strong
Made me a tough warrior
When at war with time for long

My dad my second teacher
An idol of compassionate preacher
The meaning of life he taught
Never betray the duties is ought

When my hands trembled
And words fumbled to talk
With your voice immensly sweet
You held my hand n gave me confidence to walk

Since a toddler
The teachers in my life
Not only taught me
English maths or science
It is the lesson of life and the way to strive
They are my inspirations
The light for me to survive
The lessons of beautiful life
Simplicity as the essence of beauty

Though not with me
Yet their words are with me
Making me climb each step of life
As my companion
With me in me
Brimming me up
With untold experiences

The most important teacher
My life to me
Yet teaching me
Right and wrong
Good and bad
That none is so
It is the way I accept
The way I believe
The way I give
Love , hate
Humanity and compassion
Conditional or uncinditional
Comes back to me

My all great teachers
Walking hand in hand with me
Yet teaching me
And me yet learning
For they teach me
Learning never ends
Loving and giving never ends

My gratitude ode respect for each
Shall never ever end
To continue the tradition
I figure my career too
A techer’s tribute


Copyright Aarti Mittal

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