Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 30, 2018

Overlapping Moons~by Scot Buffington



Overlapping Moons

Lay me dark as the evening shadows
past reference point, no return again
expected to rate a short-tenured fellow
my reserved place, amongst well-broken men.

Affections, my heart cannot wear a mask
though perchance it must have clearer seen
intentions my mind’s eye should have asked
if I stood before, amongst, or between.

A sweet ricochet, another crash course
place-card holder until a better came
a number claimed, your wear-for-worse
now despise the sound, my own spoken name.

Wheels quick turn while in stasis waiting
as time charred candle’s wicks too fast
my era waxed as one was waning
overlapping moons, knights of your past.

No soft remorse in angels’ wings pining
my presence shall ebb, this tide from your shore
another new moon, much brighter shining
than my cratered surface, overcast poor.

As my gold sinks deep, your horizon distant
never forget I once warm-glowed your night
perhaps your forevers are other one’s instants
spent groping in blackness for soul-feeding light.

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